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    YANTAI BAICAI MACHINERY-We are the reliable manufacturer of Hydraulic hammers breaker and spare parts, side type, open type, silenced type hydraulic hammers breaker high quality with low price. if you have any need, please feel free to send us inquiry, thank you.

YANTAI BAICAI Hydraulic Breaker Hammers are suitable for Komastu PC100 PC120 PC130 PC180 PC200 PC210 PC220 PC360 PC400 PC450.

Hydraulic crushing hammer has become an important tool for hydraulic excavators, some people install hydraulic crushing hammer on excavator loader (also known as two busy) or wheel loader for crushing operations. Hydraulic hammer is also called hydraulic breaker or hydraulic breaker (hydraulicbreaker).

Japan and Korea use this term more often. Also known as hydraulic hammer (hydraulichammer), companies in Finland and Germany often use this term.

Our country Manufacturers and users, there are called hydraulic crushers, also known as hydraulic picks, hydraulic guns, artillery, crushing head and so on, China's national standard terminology is called hydraulic impact breaker. Although the names are various, but all refer to the same machine, this machine is driven by hydrostatic pressure, piston reciprocating motion, piston stroke high-speed impact of the drill rod, broken by the drill rod ore, concrete and other solid. The device is flooding our market.

1. Latest heat treatment technology
Piston, cylinder, front part of the main body, and other main parts of the gear are all treated by lastest heat treatment equipment. Years of technical heat treatment experience has ensure the quality and stability of our YANTAI BAICAI series product, making us the leading role in the production of broken hammer.
2. Efficient work efficiency & unique valve system

YANTAI BAICAI hydraulic breakers adopt unique hydraulic circuit, requiring less oil, which greatly improve the efficiency of power generation.
3. High Strength and wear resistance steel plate adopted
The bottom of hydraulic breaker adopted high strength and wear resistance steel plate, which not only guarantees the long life of breakers, but also enhances the working efficiency. 
4. Combined the oil pressure technology with the leading- edge technology
The advanced crystallization of complete oil pressure and slight oil adjustment was introduced, which guarantees the incredible impact force and durability. And it makes all clients satisfied under any working conditions. 
5. Strong compatibility
Our YANTAI BAICAI hydraulic breakers are compatible with all kinds of excavators such as Doosan, Dawoo, Volvo, Hitachi, Kato, Kobelco, Komatsu, Sumitao, Liebheer, Hyundai, Cat, Jonyong, Changjiang, Liugong, Yucai, Case, John Deer, Fotonlovo
l and Loader etc.

Specification of Hydraulic Hammers:

INWARD, OUTWARD SYSTEM Silenced Hydraulic Breaker, design improvement by bending Frame.

Main Features of Hydraulic Hammers:

Through bolts: Longer service life by to applied heat treatment.


Back head: Material: 20CrMo, impact energy is accumulated due to charged nitrogen gas in the block.


Front Head: Using 20CrMo material, high quality with long life using.


Valve: We adopt production process by grinding machine, with high precision.


Cylinder body: Material: 20CrMo, it is best quality material.


Piston: Longer service life by optimized design and high quality special steel.

Front Head: Using 20CrMo raw material, which are provided by domestic famous manufacturer, forging again and again to make internal organization more tight and increasing the hydraulic breaker wear-resistance.


ChiselThe specially heat treated chisel is directly applied to break rocks. There are four types for choosing: Moil, Blunt, Flat, Conical Point. The material is 42Crmo.


Ring Bush & Front Cover: Guiding the chisel while they are working. Using 20CrMo steel as raw materials,  which are provided by domestic famous  manufacturer; forging again and again to  make forming, to make internal organization  more tight, and increase products’ wear-resistance.  


Main Body: Including Front head, cylinder and back head. Ensure your breaker will be in best performance


Seal Kit: We can supply both Parker and NOK seal kit which are most famous brand in the business line.

Application of Hydraulic Hammers:

Mining—mining, second-time breaking
Metallurgy—clearing slag, demolition of furnace and foundation
Road—repairing, breaking, foundation work
Railway—tunneling, demolition of bridge
Construction—demolition of bulinding and reinforced concrete
Ship repairing—clearing clam and rust from the hull
Others—breaking frozen mud

Suitable Excavator:

YANTAI BAICAI hydraulic breakers suit many excavator brands like :


Hydraulic Breaker Hammers Working Principle:

    Hydraulic breaker hammer has become an important working tool for excavators, and some people install the hydraulic crushing hammer in the backhole loader  (also known as two busy) or wheel loaders to carry out the crushing operation. Hydraulic breaking hammer, also known as hydraulic breaker or hydraulic Stone breaker.

Hydraulic Breaker without Accumulator:

Simple structure, Low failures rate

Easy maintenance, low cost and impact energy increase. Therefore, users can reduce the cost of using and maintaining two aspects at the same time.

Hydraulic Breaker with Accumulator:

    In the case of single strike, the strength will be slightly larger, no space can be found during the installation and maintenance, otherwise the nitrogen will be leaked, which causes the crusher to strike weak and the accumulator diaphragm damaged.

The Function of Accumulator:

The accumulator is filled with nitrogen, which uses hydraulic hammer to reverse the remaining energy and piston during the previous blow.

The energy stored in the tank is stored at the same time, releasing energy at the same time during the second strike, increasing the hitting ability, usually not hitting the crusher itself.

    The accumulator is installed in the case of energy to increase the striking force of the crusher. So there are no accumulators in small hydraulic hammer, and medium and large ones are equipped with energy storage.


Maintenance of Hydraulic Hammers:

Hydraulic Oil

Please choose No.68 hydraulic oil in winter and No.46 hydraulic oil in summer. Oil should be clean & sufficient during working. Dirty oil will cause damages to the Breaker. Please check regularly if Breaker’s cylinder, accumulator, oil pipes & hoses leak oil. If oil leaks, please replace O‐ring & oil seal in time.

Chisel, Chisel Pin & Bushing

Before each working, check if the chisel pins are in good conditions. Check regularly the clearance between bushing and chisel, too much clearance will cause piston & chisel broken. If outer diameter of chisel abrades more than 3mm, or inner diameter of bushing abrades more than 6mm, please replace new ones.

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    Hydraulic breaker has become an important tool for the job, it was installed in the hydraulic breaker backhoe loaders (also known as two busy) or wheel loader for crushing operations, our hydraulic breaker (hydraulic hammer) are applicable to a wide rang of weight class of excavators which from1.2 to100 ton, welcome you send inquiry to us, thank you.

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