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    YANTAI BAICAI MACHINERY CO., LTD the leading hydraulic breaker and rock breaker manufacturer specialized in manufacturing breaker chisels , piston, through bolt, back and front head,rod pin, outer bushing and other spare parts, hydraulic breakers as the leading hydraulic breaker and brand in China domestic markets and get good reputations.Meanwhile,we have been exported rock breaker to dozens of overseas countries.Including Australia, America, Austria, Noway, SaudiArabia,Pakistan, India, Italy, Dubai, Viernam, Qatar etc.

JCB Hydraulic Rock Brealer Hammer Introduce:

    The power source of the jcb hydraulic hammer is the pressure oil provided by the excavator or the pump station of the loader, which can more effectively clean the floating rock and the mud in the crack of the rock in the function of excavating the foundation of the building. The principle of selecting hydraulic breaking hammer is according to excavator type and the environment of working.

Main Body

Name: Cylinder /accumulator 
Advantage: The density of main body is much stronger and it's hard to deformation.

Big size hydraulic breaker designed with accumulator, accumulator reduce the irregular pulse pressure in the hydraulic circuit pipe, so increase the stricpower the make more powerful hydraulic breaker.


Low noisy

Name: Box Silence Type Bracket
AdvantageWhole body inside , and the buffer & guide 
plate effectively reduce the vibration noise .
More suitable for the city work situation .


Mounting Bracket

Advantage: Thicken Material 
All Pterosaur hydraulic breaker come with mount and pins, easy to connect with H-bracket and excavator arm . 
Separate design : easy disassemble, also could use for loader.

Description of JCB Hydraulic Rock Breaker Hammer:

1.Strong "hydraulic +nitrogen" impact systerm
The most important feature of the hydraulic breaker hammer is its beat frequency and impact energy each model of hydraulic breaker hammer has strong "hydraulic+nitrogen"impact system
The system has high  efficiency,it can reduce energy losses to a minimum and provide high impact energy.Therefore,YANTAI BAICAI hydraulic breaker hammer can provide first class powerful impact energy. 
2.Structural design of enhanced impact energy 
YANTAI BAICAI jcb hydraulic breaker hammer adopts the most outstanding design can make the hydraulic breaker hammer match more efficiently with its host by increasing the stroke of the piston and cylinder.
3.Flow adjustable device
The device can adjust the flow from the excavator and power source,so it can adjust the impact force and beat frequency according to the situation of the rocks.large force-slow speed,small impact force-fast speed.
4.Using high-quality meterial and special precision processing technology

 The jcb hydraulic breaker hammer uses special precision precessing structure to ensure better impact force,explosive force,stability,etc.

The Standard Free Spare Parts:

Control Valve of JCB Hydraulic Rock Breaker Hammer:

Our companys' control valve with good process, the edges do processing by Grinding Machine, so the control valve of JCB Hydraulic Hammer with high precision.

Application of Hydraulic Bead Breaker:

1.Mining: Mountains, mining, crushing, secondary crushing

2.Metallurgy, slag cleaning, ladle furnace demolition, demolition equipment foundation body dissatisfied

3.Railway, tunnel bridge, mountain down.

4.Highway: highway repair, cement pavement broken, foundation excavation.

5.Municipal gardens, concrete crushing, gas engineering construction, the transformation of the old city.

6.Building: the old building demolition, reinforced concrete broken.

7.The ship hull in mussels , derusting

8.Other: ice breaking, breaking the permafrost and vibrating sand.

Operating the Hydrauilic Bead Breaker Hammer:

* Press Chisel to the object to be broken.

* Strike vertically.

* Once object is broken, stop striking immediately.

Working in high or low outside temperatures:

High: The temperature of hydraulic oil must be ensure it close not exceed the specified temperature limits.

Low: At temperature below 0 degrees centigrade, the carrier must be warmed up prior to use, in the way described by the excavator manufacturer.

Ensure that the hydraulic oil in the carrier is at least at 0 degrees centigrade, before starting up the hydraulic hammer.

Note: The Hydraulic bead breaker hammer and excavator or will not operate to full capacity unit the oil temperature has reached at least 60 degrees centigrade.


Always observe the relevant safety regulations when handing oils and greasing.

Every two hours of continuous operation lubricate the chisel with moly-based grease.

To guarantee longer life of chisel and bushing, hydraulic hammer should take high performance grease and genuine parts which is supplied by PTEROSAUR. 


1. Engine’s rotation speed should be controlled under the one pre-set.

2. Don’t work continuously in hot summer, to prevent too high temperature of hydraulic oil. If oil temperature reaches 80 degrees centigrade, must stop working, until the temperature lowers down.


Feeding hot hydraulic oil to extremely cold hydrauic bead breaker hammer will cause internal stresses in the unit resulting in its failure.


If grease is not supplied sufficiently, then high hear is generated due to friction at the moving parts if the hammer. The heat can cause premature wear and cracking of related parts.

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    Hydraulic breaker has become an important tool for the job, it was installed in the hydraulic breaker backhoe loaders (also known as two busy) or wheel loader for crushing operations, our hydraulic breaker (hydraulic hammer) are applicable to a wide rang of weight class of excavators which from1.2 to100 ton, welcome you send inquiry to us, thank you.

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