How to Examine Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Spare Parts


How to Examine Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Spare Parts   

    Hydraulic Breaker Hammer Spare parts are the necessary prerequisite to ensure the good operation of the equipment. Hydraulic breaker hammer spare parts include bushing, through-body bolt, side bolts, oil seal repair package, rod pins, stop pins, hydraulic breaker hammer piston and so on. To inspect the hydraulic breaker spare parts are one of the tasks that need to be done before and after the use of Yantai Baicai Hydraulic Breaker Hammers

1. Check and replace all bolts of Yantai Baicai broken hammer. When you are using it, you must release all the gas inside. Otherwise, when the bolts are removed, the ejection will result in serious consequences.

2, After cleaning up, see if there are any damaged places.

3. When installing the whole body bolt, it needs to be tightened slowly. It is impossible to rotate it to the tightest state at once.

4, The torque wrench with the specified range should be used.

5. Seal inspection and replacement.