Hydraulic Breaker Introduce


Hydraulic crushing hammer has become an important tool for hydraulic excavators, some people install hydraulic crushing hammer on excavator loader (also known as two busy) or wheel loader for crushing operations. Hydraulic hammer is also called hydraulic breaker or hydraulic breaker (hydraulicbreaker).

Japan and Korea use this term more often. Also known as hydraulic hammer (hydraulichammer), companies in Finland and Germany often use this term.

Our country Manufacturers and users, there are called hydraulic crushers, also known as hydraulic picks, hydraulic guns, artillery, crushing head and so on, China's national standard terminology is called hydraulic impact breaker. Although the names are various, but all refer to the same machine, this machine is driven by hydrostatic pressure, piston reciprocating motion, piston stroke high-speed impact of the drill rod, broken by the drill rod ore, concrete and other solid. The device is flooding our market.